Sophie Mil

I'm a digital designer focused on interactive and immersive media. My current main obsession is 3D design, but i also got some skills in graphic design, video-editing and webdesign.
I've worked mostly with musician and visual artist for the past 2 years but I would love to collaborate with other domain that would take me out of my confort zone.
My creativity mostly get developped by discovering new tools and I find satisfaction in getting my try hard spirit stimulated. I'm an open-source and shared-knowledge enthusiast, which also means that I love to collaborate with people that inspires me, and to find a good combination of skills in a teamwork.

Website designed by Sophie Mil

F360D, WIP, 0.59'

F360D is a webdesign concept for a japanese restaurant. The project isn't finish yet, but I couldn't wait to add some webdesign stuff here.

Bad News for Zouj, 2021, 0.54'

The musicvideo Bad News for the musicartist Zouj has been created during a 48h JAM session that occured in Leipzig, Germany. My part was to create the playground in Unity, including physical animation. The short delay led us to chose a PS2 aesthetic, using mostly open source 3D assets.

Attract for Morgan Patimo, 2021, 0.58'

Attract is a playable musicvideo that leads the player to discover a 40 minut track composed by the music artist Morgan Patimo -published by the label Kotoba Records- while wandering aimlessly in a dreamlike world.

Flowers, an immersive landscape, 2021, 1.26'

Flowers is an interactive and immersive experience made specifically for Virtual Reality. The flower design is inspired by the work of the Seoul based tattooist and illustrator Miki Kim.

Amber, 2020, 1.27'

Amber is an experimental interactive project where the player visit a fictiv, fragmented and deserted environment, discovering monumental sculptur inspired by a scene in the movie Bladerunner 2049 by Denis Villeneuve.

Genesis 8, 2020, 0,08'

Genesis 8 was for me an occasion to work on the very known 3D Mesh from the software Daz3d. From this foremost used base, i wanted to create some characters design that show what inspire me : Japanese traditional food and practices on one side; Medieval fantasy aesthetic on the other side.